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The adult behavioral health inpatient program at Gulfport Behavioral Health System helps adults (18 and older) with an emotional or mental health issue work through their acute crisis to achieve mental stability. The program is designed to stabilize the acute crisis and allow adults patients to enjoy their lives in a manner that they are able to identify and cope with mental, behavioral and emotional issues.

We use evidence-based treatment methods to teach patients effective coping skills that can help them deal with their mental and behavioral health issue. After graduating from an inpatient program, patients may be encouraged to step down to a less intensive form of care to maintain recovery and reduce the chances of re-hospitalization.  A no-cost, confidential assessment determines the proper level of care for each patient.

We proudly offer all our programs to active military members and their families through TRICARE.

We're Here to Help

Gulfport Behavioral Health System can help provide intervention, identify the appropriate level of care, conduct no cost assessments and make referrals when necessary. Assessments are available 24 hours every day. To arrange a confidential assessment at no cost, call 800-831-1700. We are located at 11150 Highway 49 North, Gulfport, MS 39503.