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The length of a person’s stay in an inpatient program depends on their individual needs, treatment goals, progress, success of medication and the arrangement of aftercare services.

Treatment at Gulfport Behavioral Health System is covered by most private insurance companies. Insurance coverage and other financial resources can be discussed with the Admissions Department.

We accept private insurance, Tricare, Medicaid, Medicare and all Managed Medicaid programs.

Please call us with any questions or concerns regarding insurance coverage.

The safety and wellbeing of every patient, visitor, staff member and others is our highest priority. There are video cameras throughout the hospital and patient belongings are secured upon arrival.

All patients seeking treatment have the right to confidentiality. Only individuals directly involved in your care will discuss your treatment. Due to confidentiality policies, we cannot notify family members and loved ones regarding your hospitalization. We follow all HIPAA policies.

Family involvement is incredibly valuable to treatment. With your consent, we will contact your family to provide treatment information and arrange for family therapy sessions when appropriate.

Visitation and telephone hours are limited to specific times each day. All visitors must have the patient’s ID number to visit or call. Patients receive their ID number during admissions.

We offer 24/7 no cost, confidential assessments. During your appointment, a staff member will meet with you to review your treatment needs and explain your treatment options.

Call Gulfport Behavioral Health System at 800-831-1700 anytime with questions or concerns. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.