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Treatment & Services

Treatment & Services

Proudly Offering Mental Health Treatments in Gulfport, MS Gulfport Behavioral Health System provides mental health treatments in Gulfport, MS

We offer our services to children (ages 4 to 7), pre-adolescents (8 to 11), adolescents (12 to 18) and adults (18 and older). Treatment programs are designed to stabilize patients’ emotional or mental health issues and promote long-term recovery and mental wellness. We are the only behavioral health facility on the Gulf Coast that treats children as young as 4 years old.

Treatment programs are offered at various levels of care to accommodate the severity of every individual’s treatment needs. The level of care an individual is admitted to is determined by the results of a free, confidential assessment. We proudly offer all our programs to active military members and their families through TRICARE.

Serving Children and Adolescents

We are proud to provide child and adolescent psychiatric care to those who need it most. Our team specializes in providing pediatric treatments and caring for adolescents and teens. Our compassionate, attentive approach to serving children and young people makes our facility an excellent choice.

Looking After You and Your Loved Ones

At Gulfport Behavioral Health System, we focus on providing dual diagnosis-specific care. Our TRICARE-certified facility cares for active duty military members and their families, providing attentive outpatient counseling services.

Our facility offers 24/7 psychiatric urgent care services. We handle cases of attempted suicide, crisis stabilization, and other issues. Trust us to provide you with the answers you need and to help you address the problem you are facing as it unfolds. Over the years, we have dealt with a wide range of situations, and that wealth of experience enables us to provide you with prompt, responsive care. In addition to inpatient assistance, we offer outpatient behavioral health services. Let us show you why so many people in our area turn to us for help with their mental wellness.

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